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State of Georgia Coloring Pages

The Georgia State Quarter

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 Georgia State Quarter Coloring Page

The Georgia state quarter coloring page shows an image of the quarter issued in 1999 that representes the state of Georgia.

Atop an outline of the state, the Georgia quarter has a peach (the state symbol), branches from a Live Oak tree (the state tree), and a banner with "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" (the state motto). Georgia has long been called the "Peach State."

The last of the 13 original colonies, it was named Georgia in honor of King George II. In 1732, this English king granted a charter to found the colony. He wanted it to be a haven for the poor and unemployed, and for persecuted Protestants from Germany and Austria. James E. Oglethorpe led about 120 people to the colony in 1733



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