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State of Illinois Coloring Page Sheets

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Illinois coloring pages are a fun way to teach Pre-K through 3rd grade students history, geography and demographics, and for elementary students to learn about their own (and other) states.
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Illinois state outline coloring page

Illinois state flag coloring page

Illinois State Stamp coloring page

IL - Illinois Coloring Pages

  • Illinois Postage Stamp Coloring Page - USPS State Stamp
  • Illinois State Quarter Coloring Page - 50 State Quarter
  • Illinois State Flag Coloring Page - State Flag to Color
  • Illinois Map 1 Coloring Page - State Demographic Map to Color
  • Illinois Map 2 Coloring Page - Easy State Shape Outline Map to Color

  • Illinois the 21st state admitted to the United States of America, is the most populous and demographically diverse Midwestern state and the fifth most populous state in the nation. With Chicago in the northeast, small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity in central and western Illinois, and natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum in the south, Illinois has a broad economic base. Illinois is an important transportation hub; the Port of Chicago connects the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River via the Illinois River. Illinois is often viewed as a microcosm of the United States; an Associated Press analysis of 21 demographic factors found Illinois the "most average state", while Peoria has long been a proverbial social and cultural bellwether.

    United States migrant settlers began arriving from Kentucky in the 1810s; Illinois achieved statehood in 1818. The future metropolis of Chicago was founded in the 1830s on the banks of the Chicago River, one of the few natural harbors on southern Lake Michigan. Railroads and John Deere's invention of the self-scouring steel plow made central Illinois' rich prairie into some of the world's most productive and valuable farmlands, attracting immigrant farmers from Germany and Sweden.

    Three U.S. Presidents have been elected while they were living in Illinois - Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama. However, the only US President actually born in Illinois was Ronald Reagan, who was born in Tampico, raised in Dixon, and attended college at Eureka. Lincoln is the only president buried in Illinois; he is interred at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield. Today, Illinois demonstrates the importance of Lincoln's legacy to the state by the official state slogan, Land of Lincoln, which is displayed on all state-issued license plates.

    Please note, we gladly accept submissions from state and local government agencies and departments (Department(s) of tourism, agriculture, etc.) for display of additional state coloring pages on our site. In addition we accept submissions from established and recognized industries, or local places of interest (cities, parks, attractions) that may make available quality content that is specific to a particular state. Contact us if you have the capability and authority to provide such content, we would be happy to promote your state, city, attraction, event, etc.!

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