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State of Louisiana Coloring Pages

The flag of the state of Louisiana for coloring , featuring the state nickname and state motto.

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 Louisiana State Flag Coloring Page

The Flag of the State of Louisiana consists of a heraldic charge called a "pelican in her piety," representing a mother pelican wounding her breast to feed her young from the blood. This symbol, emblematic of Christian charity, is also found on the state seal. On the flag it is depicted above a ribbon with the state motto: "Union, Justice, and Confidence." The current flag was adopted in 2006, revising the original pelican design of 1912.

Prior to 1861, the State of Louisiana had no official flag, though a flag similar to the modern one was often used. In January 1861, after seceding from the United States but before the formation of the Confederate States of America, Louisiana unofficially used a flag based on the flag of France.

In February 1861, Louisiana officially adopted a flag with a single yellow star in a red canton, with thirteen red, white and blue stripes. This was used through the end of the American Civil War, though the Pelican flag and Flag of January 1861 remained in use unofficially.



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