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State of New Hampshire Coloring Pages

The New Hampshire State Quarter

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 New Hampshire State Quarter Coloring Page

The New Hampshire state quarter coloring page shows an image of the quarter issued in 2000 that represents the state of New Hampshire.
The New Hampshire quarter shows the state's most famous natural rock formation, the Old Man of the Mountain. His rock face was 25 feet wide and measures 40 feet from chin to forehead. Geologic events carved this profile into the granite ledges 200 million years ago. The formation was carved by glaciers and was first recorded as being discovered by a surveying team circa 1805. The official state history says several groups of surveyors were working in the Franconia Notch area at the time and claimed credit for the discovery. Unfortunately, the rock formation collapsed on May 3, 2003 due to a combination of erosion and weathering.

On the coin, the old man is looking across at nine stars and the state's motto. The stars represent New Hampshire's place as the ninth state to join the union. General John Stark, a Revolutionary War hero, is credited with the words "Live Free or Die." They come from a toast he wrote for the 32nd anniversary of the Battle of Bennington victory: "Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils."



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