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State of New York Coloring Pages

The flag of the state of New York for coloring , featuring the state nickname and state motto.

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 New York State Flag Coloring Page

The Flag of the State of New York is the state's coat of arms on a blue background. It depicts two supporters:

Left: Liberty, with the Revolutionary imagery of a Phrygian cap raised on a pole. Her left foot treads upon a crown that represents freedom from the British monarchy that once ruled what is now New York as a colony.

Right: blindfolded Justice, with scales and sword.

The unheraldic nature of the Hudson River landscape reveals the modern origin of the coat-of-arms. The crest is an eagle surmounting a world globe. The two ships represent inland and foreign commerce, both of which are important for the state of New York.

The motto Excelsior is a Latin word meaning "higher", "superior", "lordly", and is commonly translated as "Ever Upward."

The coat of arms of the State flag was adopted in 1778 and the present flag is a modern version of a Revolutionary War Flag. The original flag is at the Albany Institute of History and Art.



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