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State of South Carolina Coloring Page Sheets

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South Carolina coloring pages are a fun way to teach Pre-K through 3rd grade students history, geography and demographics, and for elementary students to learn about their own (and other) states.
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South Carolina state outline coloring page

South Carolina state flag coloring page

South Carolina State Stamp coloring page

SC - South Carolina Coloring Pages

  • South Carolina Postage Stamp Coloring Page - USPS State Stamp
  • South Carolina State Quarter Coloring Page - 50 State Quarter
  • South Carolina State Flag Coloring Page - State Flag to Color
  • South Carolina Map 1 Coloring Page - State Demographic Map to Color
  • South Carolina Map 2 Coloring Page - Easy State Shape Outline Map

  • South Carolina is a state in the United States that borders Georgia to the south and North Carolina to the north. Originally part of the Province of Carolina, the Province of South Carolina was one of the 13 colonies that declared independence from the British Crown during the American Revolution.

    The colony was originally named in honor of King Charles I, as Carolus is Latin for Charles.

    South Carolina was the first state to vote to secede from the Union and was the founding state of the Confederate States of America.

    According to an estimate by the United States Census Bureau, the state's population in 2009 was 4,561,242 and ranked 24th among the U.S. states. South Carolina contains 46 counties and its capital is Columbia.

    Please note, we gladly accept submissions from state and local government agencies and departments (Department(s) of tourism, agriculture, etc.) for display of additional state coloring pages on our site. In addition we accept submissions from established and recognized industries, or local places of interest (cities, parks, attractions) that may make available quality content that is specific to a particular state. Contact us if you have the capability and authority to provide such content, we would be happy to promote your state, city, attraction, event, etc.!

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