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State of Wyoming Coloring Pages

The Wyoming State Quarter

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 Wyoming State Quarter Coloring Page

The Wyoming state quarter coloring page shows an image of the quarter issued in 2007 that represents the state of Wyoming. Wyoming became the 44th state when it joined the Union in 1890.

The bucking horse and rider symbolize Wyoming's Wild West heritage. "Buffalo Bill" Cody personified this in his traveling Wild West show. First settled by fur trappers, Wyoming's Fort Laramie later became a place where pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail liked to stop.

Wyoming was nicknamed the "Equality State" because of its role in granting full voting rights to women. Not only was women's suffrage first practiced in Wyoming, but the state was the first that allowed women to serve on juries and hold public office as well. The first woman governor of the state was Nellie Tayloe Ross (elected in 1924). Ross later became the first woman to be appointed as the Director of the United States Mint, a position she held for 20 years.



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