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   Events in US History

      Historic US events coloring pages


American History Timeline Coloring Pages

Colonial USA coloring pages

The Discovery of North America and the first Colonies
- up to 1750

The Establishment of a New Nation
- The American Revolutionary War

(1775 - 1783)

Revolutonary War coloring pages
19th Century coloring pages

The Century of Westward Expansion
- Manifest Destiny

- 1800 up to 1910

Early American Life - Colonial and Post
Independence Society

(1750 - 1840)

Early America coloring pages
Civil War coloring pages

The American Civil War
- 1861 up to 1865

20th Century coloring pages

The Century of American Involvement
- America in World War I
- America in World War II
- Post War America
- The Cold War

- 1910 to 2000

Space coloring pages

The Space Program
- NASA and Early
   Satellite Programs
- Project Mercury
- Project Gemini
- Project Apollo
  - The Moon Landing
- The Space Shuttle
- The Space Station
   and Beyond


This series of American History coloring pages offers coloring pages specific to different periods in American History over a timeline from the discovery of North America to the present time. Each section has a similar collection of coloring pages that represent the events of that time period and then some additional coloring pages that are unique to that era. These US history timeline coloring pages represent significant major developments, historic event or trends, special customs, or other interesting US history items to color.

Preferred Coloring Site References

We know coloring pages and can show you the sites offering some of the finest coloring pages available:

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Lots of Bible Coloring Pages
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The US History timeline coloring pages are a fun way to learn about US History and to teach about many significant events.

We would love to add any additional historic coloring pages that you have drawn or have the rights to allow us to use. State governments, industries, agriculture, civic clubs, museums,or businesses that are unique to a state are welcome to send us content that we could post to showcase your state, event, location, or feature. Submissions should be quality drawings, suitable for coloring, in black and white photo format. See our contact page to submit your drawings or ask questions.



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