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Early American modes of transportation Coloring Pages

      Life in the American Colonies and early American States

Colonial life coloring pages are a fun way to teach Pre-K through 3rd grade students how early American settlers lived in the colonies, and for elementary students to learn about their own (and other) states.
Early American Transportation coloring page

Early American Transportation

  • Tall Sailing Ships - Clipper Ships
  • Canal Boats and Barges
  • Paddlewheel River Boats
  • Stagecoach
  • Buggy - Horse drawn carrage
  • Horseback
  • Early Steam Engine
  • Wheelbarrows - for small loads
  • Sleigh horse drawn


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    >>> Early American Transportation

    In Colonial and early America the only practical way to travel and trade across long distances was along the nation's natural waterways. As a result, major towns and settlement centered around the nation's coasts and rivers. A few roads connected major cities, but travel on them was difficult by horse or stage coach and very time consuming. A series of canals helped connect some inland areas and the Erie canal was a ground breaking achievement that connected the Hudson river to the Great Lakes region.

    As America industrialized and steam power came into use large river boats plied the waterways and the railroads began to lay thousands of miles of track across land areas where there were no waterways. Large ships moved passengers and freight across the oceans and smaller boats plied the nation's rivers, lakes and canals. Railroads would eventually replace the need for inland canals, but that would only happen after vast expansion of the rail system, which had to wait until after the civil war.



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