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Space Flight coloring pages - Apollo - Saturn V Rocket diagram

The Saturn V rocket was built with three "stages" (separate rocket sections built one on top of each other).

Assembly of the rocket took place inside a specially constructed building that was tall enough to house the entire rocket while sitting atop the crawler vehicle that was used to transport it to the launch pad.

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 Saturn V rocket Coloring Page

The first stage (labeled S-IC), held five enormous F-1 engines that produced a total of 7.5 million pounds of thrust. Stage one burned for only 2.5 minutes, accelerating the spacecraft to a speed of approximately 6000 miles per hour.

The second stage (labeled S-II), used five large J-2 engines which burned for approximately six minutes, taking the spacecraft to a speed of 15,300 miles per hour and an altitude of about 115 miles.

The third stage (labeled S-IVB), fired last putting the spacecraft into orbit. Stage 3 contained only one J-2 engine which could be restarted in order to begin the flight toward the moon.



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