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Samuel Morse – (1791 – 1872) – Artist / Inventor

Samuel Morse was an American painter of portraits and historic scenes, the creator of a single wire telegraph system, and invented the internationally used code of "Dots" and "Dashes" known as "Morse Code".

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 Samuel Morse Coloring Page
Morse organized an impressive demonstration occurred on May 1, 1844, when news of the Whig Party's nomination of Henry Clay for U.S. President was telegraphed from the party's convention in Baltimore to the Capitol Building in Washington. On May 24, 1844, the line was officially opened as Morse sent his famous words "What hath God wrought" from the B&O's Baltimore station to the Capitol Building along the wire.

In May 1845 the Magnetic Telegraph Company was formed in order to radiate telegraph lines from New York City towards Philadelphia, Boston, Buffalo, New York and the Mississippi.

Historical / Biographical information courtesy of Wikipedia.



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